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Respiratory Teacher 

Respiratory Teacher 

" Pass With Ease"



Respiratory Teacher 


Can help you pass your 

TMC exam on your first attempt.

You've come to the right place to pass your board exam.

Respiratory Teacher  have been making dreams come true for our therapist who wish to obtain there RRT or CRT crendentials. The study guide is the key to your dreams coming true. The study guide touch on key points relevant to passing the exam on your first attempt. Don't let another moment slip by without purchasing this study guide. If you've been struggling to pass your Respiratory Therapy exam, we can help you by giving you relevant information needed to ACE this exam. 

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Neonatal Pediatric Study Guide

Therapist Multiple Choice Review

Clinical Sims Study Guide

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How To Pass Your Respiratory Therapy Exam

Through proven methods Respiratory Teacher has "all the facts you need to know to pass the exam. Specifically, we understand that test taking is a skill, with this in mind our team caters to those who have been out of the school working as CRT's that need to achieve their RRT, to those grads known for or predicted poor testing outcomes.

."Respiratory Teacher allows any learner to fully grasp the concepts and pass the exam on 

first attempt. All materials are created for the current TMC & CSE Matrix.

Respiratory Teacher, exam preparation division is a comprehensive team of Advance Practitioners from Coast to Coast with a mission to change exam preparation for a modern day society.

Respiratory Teacher incorporates neuroscience principles of learning in order to ensure optimal retention with an emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving.