Therapist Multiple Choice Exam Ebook

(TMC Exam)

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TMC Exam Review 

NBRC Exam Help

111 pages included in the study guide.

Available for download only. Please be sure to check your email  and other folders since the download link expires.

 We suggest to download to a mobile device and onto a desktop PC.

 The user will be allowed to view the material and print. It is suitable for Adobe, Kindle, and other software that accepts PDF files. If you are using a mobile or tablet device, please be sure to save it to a folder that is accessible.

Studying for the Therapist Multiple Choice Exam creates high levels of stress and anxiety because the student is condensing approximately 2 years of information. For the current exam matrix, graduates will need to score an 88 for the CRT credential and a 94 to qualify for entrance to the Clinical Simulation Exam. However, expect the high cut off score to increase in 2018.

The Exam Review study guide is also an excellent tool for current students of a respiratory care program that wish to review key points for their classroom examinations. The guide is also a great tool to maintain preparedness for the board exam.

What makes this study guide different from the rest? The study points were compiled from recent exam candidates in 2015 up to this year in 2017. A few questions from the ACCS exam are introduced, and could  be fair game for the TMC exam. The study points were not gathered from old exam matrices.

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